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Garden State Classic-KC-USA Dog Shows June 2-3 2012333 views2 comments06/11/12 at 06:09mastinescangueta: Nice mastin and nice place for a show, thanks for ...
Abierta Machos/Open Males - Valladolid 25.02.2012334 views3 commentsmastinescangueta03/07/12 at 19:33mastinescangueta: Gracias Luis. Corregido el error.
Apolo de Ablanera - 12 months766 views3 commentsjonas12/11/11 at 06:34mastinescangueta: Besides the beauty of Apollo, when you put picture...
Veguellina de Órbigo 23.07.2011225 views2 commentssally07/27/11 at 12:18mastinescangueta: Wondefull picture.
Trabajar en el jardín161 views2 commentsSiru05/11/11 at 17:48mastinescangueta: Great moment! aren´t they guarding?
XL at education152 views4 commentscoco02/06/11 at 10:23mastinescangueta: The impresive issue, apart from a mastin doing suc...
Apolo de Ablanera jan 2011494 views3 commentsjonas01/16/11 at 10:21mastinescangueta: Seems to be tired. Beautifull dog and picture.
Tarquin de Galisancho y Osa 01-02-20091456 views4 comments01/12/11 at 21:58mastinescangueta: Agree with Suskewitz and would add: some stud-owne...
Barrios de Luna, León, Spain 12.09.2010240 views3 commentsadmin11/28/10 at 17:56mastinescangueta: To move Triana not only have to have "bond&q...
Ulises de Babia - Barrios de Luna 2001343 views2 commentsadmin11/28/10 at 17:07mastinescangueta: The woman with purple T-shirt seaten on the left.....
Dalí de la Aljabara - nearly 10 months 150 views3 commentstornado11/28/10 at 16:40mastinescangueta: Beautifull, very beautifull picture
Jóvenes Hembras - Mansilla de Las Mulas, León, 07.11.2010389 views5 commentsmastinescangueta11/18/10 at 13:06mastinescangueta: Others judges and old breeders around de ring ...
Abierta Hembras:‎1ª Montaña de Babia, 2ª Ch. Brisa de Filandón, 3ª Agata de Tierra de Orbigo - Mansilla de Las Mulas, León, 07.11.2010324 views3 commentsmastinescangueta11/18/10 at 13:01mastinescangueta: Finally I could manage to write the podium in the ...
I am so happy!332 views2 commentsadmin11/03/10 at 07:58mastinescangueta: Who scratchs my belly?
Breeding Group - Barrios de Luna 12.09.2010 112 views1 commentsadmin11/03/10 at 07:46mastinescangueta: Left: Cueto Negro. Right: Tierra de Orbigo
Breeding Group - Barrios de Luna 12.09.2010 101 views1 commentsadmin11/03/10 at 07:45mastinescangueta: Kennel "Cuento Negro", I think.
Barrios de Luna, León, Spain 12.09.201071 views1 commentsadmin11/03/10 at 07:38mastinescangueta: The smiling handler¡¡
Barrios de Luna, León, Spain 12.09.201071 views1 commentsadmin11/03/10 at 07:37mastinescangueta: Triana del Molino de La Roma
Barrios de Luna, León, Spain 12.09.201096 views1 commentsadmin11/03/10 at 07:34mastinescangueta: Niza de Hazas de Cesto (Owner: Bernabé Ezquerra. ...
Puppy Class Males - XXX Monográfica AEPME, Valencia de Don Juan 11.09.201087 views1 commentsadmin11/02/10 at 23:55mastinescangueta: Magnífica foto.
Princesa de la Portiecha & ? - Puppy Class Females, XXX Monográfica AEPME, Valencia de Don Juan 11.09.2010149 views1 commentsadmin11/02/10 at 23:52mastinescangueta: With Princesa: Hera de La Feligresía
¿Cómo puedo salir de aquí?214 views4 commentsSiru11/02/10 at 23:42mastinescangueta: Me encanta la foto.
Misty morning 10/2010214 views5 commentsLeevi10/29/10 at 09:05mastinescangueta: I can´t decide what´s better: the picture or the...
Wilki de Bao la Madera y Ramón - Barrios de Luna 12.09.2010228 views2 commentsadmin10/26/10 at 12:31mastinescangueta: Wilky de Bao La Madera y Ramón (handler de fortun...
Tinta del Macareno & Triana del Molino de la Roma - Open Class Females, XXX Monográfica AEPME, Valencia de Don Juan 11.09.2010180 views2 commentsadmin10/26/10 at 12:21mastinescangueta: Triana del Molino de la Roma (Terry X Babiana de B...
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